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Sound Healing

Using the frequency and vibration of music to bring harmony and balance to your mind, body and spirit.




Bringing You Into Harmony With Your Soul's True Song

What Does A Soul Song Sound Like?

Here's some samples of  Soul Song's I have composed for others,

along with some piano songs, I have composed for my own healing. Have a listen!

(When listening from your mobile phone, sound quality is not optimal.) 

Jasper's Song-The Unconditional Love of a Dog.
This is the song I composed for my dog Jasper. When he passed away, my grief was overwhelming so I composed a piano song to express my sadness and also my gratitude for the unconditional love he gave me and to honour the memories we shared.

Shannon Phillips


Sara's Song

"My song is a true, honest and accurate depiction of my life! I was able to reflect back on moments through my life through the music and accept and honour all the hardship and joy. It is healing and brings me peace and differently each time I listen!"


The Search For Harmony - A Journey of the Soul

Feeling conflicted, confused, hurt and angry, I was not able to express my feelings through words so I sat at the piano and allowed my heart to express through music, what words could not. 14.35 mins of non-stop playing, this song was created and is an accurate musical story of my search for harmony in a difficult time. 

Shannon Phillips

It Is Time to Go

This is a song I composed as a dedication to the 3 babies I miscarried. It allowed me to work through my grief and loss and to honour the love I will carry in my heart for them always and forever. 

Shannon Phillips

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