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About Me

Using my passion for writing, music, and forging deep connections with self, others, nature and animals, I want to bring more light, love, and healing to the world.

My Healing With Harmony Story

My Story to Find Healing with Harmony

I came into this world with a passion for music, writing, helping others, and a love for animals and nature. I was very energetic, creative, colourful, strong-willed, more of a leader than a follower, and I loved being the centre of attention. I was embracing my astrological sign of Leo to the fullest.


But, with Yang comes Yin. Therefore, to balance my extroversion, I was also blessed with a very sensitive and empathetic side. As a child, my sensitivities were showcased through my heightened senses and strong intuition. But because I didn't understand that I was an empath or highly in tune with the energies and senses around and within me, sometimes my world became very overwhelming and confusing, which at times resulted in irrational fears, anxiety, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. I slowly began to live a life fuelled by fear rather than love and passion.


Fortunately as a young girl, I loved writing in a journal, playing piano, and being outside in nature and connecting with animals, which have became very important tools even today, to help support and ground me throughout the different stages of my life. 


Trying to balance my two opposing sides has had its challenges—I was a pianist who had a passion for music but I had severe performance anxiety. Instead of sharing my gift, I spent most of my time trying to hide it. I was essentially muzzling my Soul's True Song and overtime my soul began to compose a song of dissonance and disharmony. 

One evening while at college, I called the "wrong phone number," (followed by a few other synchronistic events) which led me to the love of my life; my husband. Thankfully my intuition and inner knowing were still deep inside me guiding me forward because it led me to the man of my dreams and we've been blessed with two beautiful sons whom we love and adore.


It was in my role as a mother that I received the gifts of unconditional love and the ability to see life through a child’s eyes. And although I lovingly put all of my energy into nurturing my roles of wife and mother, in the process, I forgot one very important nurture myself.


Next, I pursued my love for helping others by becoming a social worker. Unfortunately, I took on other’s pain, suffering, and burdens, leaving me burnt out after a few short years. From this awareness, I finally realized as an adult, that I was an empath and an intuitive, who was very highly sensitive to the energy around me. Heightened sense of hearing, taste, smell, touch, and inner vision, that I wasn't able to harness in a healthy way as a child, I would later embrace as an adult as some of my greatest gifts. It was here that I realized my passion for helping others grew out of my own need to heal myself and it became very evident that I would need to embark on my own healing journey before I could hold space for others.

Soul Whisperer

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."
- Plato



So one day, I woke up with an overwhelming desire to find more harmony in my life. I realized that my mind, body, and spirit were screaming for more balance because they were at dissonance with my Soul's True Song. My new roles as a wife and a mother had presented new challenges for me, exposing my need for inner healing and growth at all levels. It became apparent that I had acquired many unhealthy coping mechanisms throughout my journey, that were no longer effective in meeting life's challenges head on.


My children’s heightened senses helped to illuminate that mine, throughout the years had been extinguished or dialed down to cope with every day life. Their completely opposite personalities perpetuated what seemed like constant conflict between the two of them, sending me on a quest for healing the dissonance I felt around me; realizing only later, that the real dissonance I felt was coming from inside my soul. After this self-realization, I was committed to finding the harmony and balance my mind, body and spirit craved, taking me on a self-healing journey straight to the centre of my heart. It was here that I began to connect with my higher-self and observe myself from a higher perspective. I am eternally grateful to my children because they have given me the greatest gift of all; the realization that balance and harmony begin with a healed heart.


Thus, on my own Healing with Harmony journey, I’ve had to revisit experiences that needed healing, in order to release what was preventing me from moving forward. As I healed, I grew. As I grew, I changed. This required redefining love in all areas of my life. I had to re-establish and define boundaries so I could harness my energy for self-care, and for the people and things I cared about most; my family, friends, and passions. I realized that a large part of self-healing involves inter-generational healing as well because trauma is passed through our ancestral and family lines. I have made it a commitment to continue to heal at a soul and intergenerational level so that my children can move forward without the burden of carrying on any residual family trauma that would otherwise continue to be passed on from one generation to the next.


Although I recognize that the journey of life will never be without its challenges, I feel that I have made crucial steps forward in reconnecting with my authentic self and life's purpose, which has brought back a sense of balance and harmony to my mind, body and spirit. I would be blessed and honoured to share what I have acquired through my journey thus far to support and hold space for others who are embarking upon their own Healing with Harmony Journey.


Are you ready to be inspired and empowered to take a journey to the centre of your heart, to uncover your Soul's True Song so you can begin singing your truth?  

Shannon Phillips BSW, RSW
Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator, Musician, Soul-Song Composer, Meditation Facilitator, & Author

Our past experiences reflect who we are today but they don’t have to define us.
What if we were given a clean slate to be exactly who we want to be, without any of the illusions or regrets of our past.
If no one was looking; if no one was judging; if you had the time to get to know yourself again—Who would you be? What would you do? What would you accomplish?

Core Values


To empower the client to be the change they seek.


Taking responsibility for my life, actions, and creations; enabling others to do the same.


Protecting people’s right to privacy by adhering to the policy of Client Confidentiality.


To honour my authentic self by staying true to my unique path; confidently moving forward towards my goals, dreams, and ambitions.


Leading by example to inspire, empower, and motivate others to find balance and harmony by nourishing their mind, body, and spirit.

Being professional, genuine, honest, respectful, reliable, trustworthy, open, fair, and empathetic, to all those I encounter including myself.

To creatively use my gifts of writing, music, intercellular communication, intuition, and effective communication, combined with my love for animals and nature, to bring more light, love, and healing to the world.


To bring my heart, energy, and commitment to every service and product I create and provide.


To honour where each client is along their journey. This means, “Honouring the client where they’re at, where they came from and where they want to go.”


Forming an equal partnership with clients by honouring what each of us brings to the healing relationship.


To build open and honest relationships through effective verbal and nonverbal communication.


Clearly defining my services and policies, and establishing concise roles, expectations, and boundaries within the healing relationship.


Advocating to respect, protect, and care for nature, animals, and all those who need a voice.

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