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We make important decisions for our animal companions every day.



Deepening Your Connection With Your Animal 

In-Person Sessions will be offered if it is safe to do so and if it's in the best interest of your animal. If not, a Distance Session will be offered via zoom or telephon...
Animal Communication Reading - 1 Hour
1 hr
Sometimes the unthinkable happens and our animal companion goes missing. If this occurs, I will follow all the steps outlined for the Animal Communication Reading with th...
Lost Pet Reading - 1 Hour
1 hr
There comes a time when it is our pet’s time to transition by crossing over the rainbow bridge. Pet owners are faced with making some very difficult decisions and may nee...
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge - 1 Hour
1 hr
Animals are naturally receptive to Reiki and therefore can benefit greatly from an Animal Reiki Session. In-Home Session: If you live in Calgary, Alberta or the surroun...
Animal Reiki Session - 1 Hour
1 hr

Benefits of a Session?

Through an animal communication session, I will empower you to develop a deeper connection with your animal companion, so you may uncover the blocks that prevent you both from achieving optimal well-being, and a balanced mind, body, and spirit. I can help give your animal companion a voice, supporting you both with the following.



Behavioural and Training Issues


Health and Development Issues


Trauma, Neglect, and Abuse Issues


Navigating Transitions


Making Difficult End of Life Decisions


Getting to Know your Pet’s Likes and Dislikes


Understanding the Deeper Meaning of your Relationship



Our pets often mirror the behaviours and/or characteristics of their human companions. They react and are affected by their family dynamic, and in some cases, they take on the physical/emotional characteristics and ailments of their family members.



Animals and nature communicate with us at all times, we just need to pay attention to the subtle and not so subtle messages being sent our way.


By opening up my heart space, observing and listening through my senses and trusting my intuition, combined with my training in Linking Awareness and Reiki, I'm able to communicate at an intercellular level with animals and nature.


Intercellular communication is similar to that of telepathy, which originates from the Greek words, “Tele” which means “Distant” and Pathos/Patheia which means “feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience.”


Thus intercellular or "telepathic communication" allows sentient beings to communicate with one another on an energetic and a soul level from a distance.


The communication is interpreted through the senses (sights/images, smells, sounds, feelings, thoughts, words, and all-knowing).

“I was privileged to have an animal communication reading with Shannon. She was spot on with her reading and the information that she brought through was information that would help my beautiful boy and myself. I have had readings before but this one really resonated with me and was informative. Shannon is a very gifted, awesome animal communicator and I would highly recommend a reading with her.”
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