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Reiki for the Wetlands

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

One morning, after completing a run around my community wetland, I had an overwhelming desire to show gratitude for the beautiful space I use and enjoy. Therefore I decided to do a Reiki session for all the wild animals/insects/fish and vegetation that co-exist there.

I sat down on a grassy spot at the edge of the pond and took a moment to settle into my space. Next, I sent the universal, love, light and healing energy to the wetlands, with the intention that the healing energy be sent to whomever/whatever wanted to receive it, for their greatest good.

As I channelled the Reiki energy, I felt very peaceful sitting at the water's edge, observing Mother Nature in action. Allowing the Reiki energy to flow wherever it was needed, freed me from any expectations or outcomes, allowing me to be present and enjoy the moment.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I spotted a beautiful white swan off in the distance. It instantly captivated me with its beauty and grace. Choosing a path away from the other birds, it glided across the water, exuding a sense of independence and confidence that instantly drew me in.

Next a family of ducks started swimming towards me. The ducklings swan ahead of the mom, but as the distance grew between them, the mother reined them in with a series of loud quacks. The little ducklings immediately swarmed the mother duck. When they were all accounted for, they swam off in harmony once again.

Then, my attention was redirected to something that whizzed past me. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a pair of dragonflies, interlocked on top of one another, dancing in the fresh, warm air. At one point I was sure they were going to land upon my outstretched hand, but they continued on their journey and disappeared across the pond.

Looking down to scratch my itchy leg, my attention was captured by the tiny insects that are known to carry loads heavier than themselves. Yes! You guessed it... Ants. I spotted a group of ants crawling towards my feet and legs. One brave little ant even crawled onto the back of my hand and began zigzagging across my skin.

The honking of geese turned my gaze upwards. It was there that I noticed the pale blue sky decorated with white fluffy clouds in all shapes imaginable. Also present were various types of birds soaring at different altitudes above me.

During my time at the wetland, a sense of peace and joy surrounded me. My mind was clear and all my senses were finely tuned in. I soon realized that the wetlands was providing me with my own healing and that by paying close attention, there were so many messages being presented to me. These are the beautiful messages I received from the swan, the ducks, the ants and the dragonflies:

Beautiful Swan: “Embrace your uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to stand out and shine. Surround yourself with those who love you but don't be afraid to stand alone if you need to. Be true to yourself and share your beauty and uniqueness with the world.”

Mother duck and ducklings: “It’s a mother’s role to give her kids the opportunities to venture out and explore but it’s also a mother’s job to exert her voice to protect her kids and keep them close when they begin to stray.”

The dragonflies: “A beautiful and healing transformation is going to take place between you and your husband, bringing you closer together on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.”

The ants: “Don’t forget about the small creatures/things/kids in life. Size doesn’t matter. We are all equal and a part of the collective whole. So remember to value the small things.”

As the ant crawled onto my hand, I had a thought. “Healing is reciprocal. As I’m sending healing to the little ant, the ant is sending healing back to me. It’s a beautiful healing partnership where size doesn’t matter.”

The birds flying above: “Reach for the sky and soar! Fly in the direction of your dreams.”

This Reiki session became a beautiful lesson about the interconnectedness of the universe and how our intentions and actions don’t only affect us at an individual level but rather, affect the universe as a whole. It showed me how reciprocal and powerful a healing session can be.

With much gratitude,

Shannon Wilson Phillips BSW

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