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Reiki Session - 1 Hour

Restoring harmony & balance to your mind, body, and spirit.

  • 1 h
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Midpark Way Southeast

Service Description

The session starts with you sharing any background information regarding your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being, and setting your intentions for the session. I will answer any questions or concerns you have before we begin. We will then enter a sacred healing space together, which I will create by clearing and balancing the energy in our treatment space. Together, we will set an intention for the Reiki love, light and healing energy to flow to the areas of your mind, body, and spirit, that need healing for your highest good. As the Reiki energy moves through the different energy systems/chakras of the body and aura, I will encourage you to pay attention to any thoughts, sensations, ideas, images, sounds, emotions etc. that you experience during the session. Due to my increased sensitivity to energy, I too, will share with you what I pick up on during your session. Since Reiki reaches all space and time, you can either choose an in-person or distance session IN-PERSON SESSION: You will remain fully clothed and lay down on the treatment table or sit in a chair, whatever is most comfortable. When the session begins, I will set the intention to channel the Reiki energy through my hands, which I will lightly touch or hover a few inches above your body and chakras, allowing the life force energy to self direct where it needs to go. Sessions offered at my SE Calgary Office or in the comfort of your home. Additional travel charges over 15km. DISTANCE SESSION: Since Reiki is not limited to time and space, I’m able to conduct a Reiki session for you, even though we aren’t physically in the same location. After mutually agreeing upon a session time, I will connect with you on an energetic level, using a surrogate (your photograph, a stuffed doll or myself) to channel the Reiki. I will summarize and share with you all of the words, images, thoughts, ideas, sounds, tastes, feelings, smells, and sensations that come through the session. We can connect via phone or zoom to conduct the session. There are no limits to who can benefit from Reiki love, light and healing energy, therefore it can be used for unlimited reasons: -Healing due to illness, disease or disability -Palliative Care: Supporting people through end of life transitions -Mental health issues -Giving your loved ones a voice: For individuals who may not be able to communicate due to disease, disability or illness (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Brain injuries, etc.).

Contact Details

  • (403) 477-0801

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