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Kids Reiki Session - 1 Hour

Restoring harmony & balance to your child’s mind, body, and spirit.

  • 1 hour
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Midpark Way Southeast

Service Description

Reiki can be very calming and restorative for children of all ages and is a wonderful way to bring balance and harmony to your child’s mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to develop a deeper connection with your child. Those under the age of 18, need parental consent for a Reiki Session. I also require the permission of your child’s Higher Self before beginning. The parent is required to be in the same room for an in-person session. Before your child’s session, you may share any background information regarding your child’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual health, and well-being and/or your intentions for the session. I will answer any questions or concerns you or your child have before we begin. Next, I enter a sacred healing space with your child, which I create by clearing and balancing the energy in our treatment space. Together, we will set an intention for the Reiki love, light, and healing energy to flow to the areas of your child’s mind, body, and spirit that need healing for their highest good. As the Reiki energy flows through your child’s body and aura, it automatically goes to the areas that need healing, illuminating any energetic blocks preventing optimal health and well-being. In-Person Session: Due to different comfort levels and understanding of Reiki, I will allow the child to guide the session. I will respect the child’s comfort level in regards to proximity by allowing them to choose how they receive the Reiki energy (sitting beside me, laying down on the Reiki table, sitting in a chair, colouring or playing beside me, with an animal present or outside in nature). I will explain what Reiki is and what your child can expect during a session, according to their age and comprehension. I will answer all of their questions and address any of their concerns before, during, and after the session. During the Reiki session, I will empower the child to connect with their Authentic Self and experience the session through all of their senses. Time will be included at the end of the session for further discussion, questions and insights. Distance Session: For those children whom (for whatever reason) would be more comfortable receiving a session at a distance, I will energetically connect with the child’s Higher-Self using a surrogate (a photograph of the child, a doll/stuffed animal, myself etc.) to channel the Reiki. All the information obtained through the session will be shared and discussed with the parent by phone or FaceTime.

Contact Details

  • (403) 477-0801

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