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Animal Reiki Session - 1 Hour

Bringing balance to your pets mind, body, and spirit.

  • 1 h
  • 130 Canadian dollars
  • Mutually Agreed Location

Service Description

Animals are naturally receptive to Reiki and therefore can benefit greatly from an Animal Reiki Session. In-Home Session: If you live in Calgary, Alberta or the surrounding area, I’m available to do an in-home/on location Reiki Session with your animal. After receiving your consent and the consent of your animal’s Higher Self, your animal and I will enter a sacred healing space, which I will create by clearing and balancing the energy in our treatment space. Next, I will set an intention for the Reiki love, light, and healing energy to flow to the areas of your animal’s mind, body, and spirit, that need healing for their highest good. I will channel the Reiki energy through my hands, allowing the animal to decide how they’d like to receive the healing energy. For some, this means lightly touching or hovering my hands over the animal in the areas they guide me to. Others prefer to be at a distance and will chose the proximity they receive the energy. A typical session lasts from 15-30 mins and includes an additional 30 mins at the end to summarize and discuss the session. Distance Session: For those of you who live outside my location area or for all other reasons, I’m able to conduct a Distance session with your animal. After receiving your permission and obtaining consent from your animal’s Higher Self, I will connect with your animal energetically using a surrogate (a photograph of your animal or stuffed animal etc.) to channel the Reiki. After the session, I will provide you with a summary of all the thoughts, images, words, sounds, tastes, smells, and insights that come through the telepathic communication with your animal. After you have had a chance to review the summary, I will follow-up so we can discuss the information. This allows further questions, concerns, and new insights, allowing us to bring deeper meaning and clarity to the information that is shared. Every animal reacts differently to a Reiki Session, but it’s not uncommon for animals to stretch, yawn, shake, lay down, rest, or have other body movements during the session. Give your animal space and time to release. This may be in form of urination, defecating, drinking lots of water, running, sleeping etc. It is not uncommon for a pet owner/family member to feel a shift as well. Often our animal friends mirror their owners/family members behaviours and often have messages they wish to share with them. *Animal Reiki IS NOT a substitute for veterinary care or medications.

Contact Details

(403) 477-0801

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