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The Energy of the Super Moon & Spring Equinox - March 20, 2019

With much gratitude, I'd like to say thank you to my mom, Martha. J. Wilson, for capturing the magnificence of this full moon, Super Moon. I think you'll agree, she has an amazing talent for photography and creativity.

March 20, 2019 Super Moon and Spring Equinox

Has the energy of this magnificent Super Moon and the Spring Equinox left you feeling overwhelmed with emotion? You wouldn't be alone if you answered YES.

March 20th's moon is what we call a Super Moon, because the full moon occurred when the moon was at or near its closest approach to Earth. This particular Super Moon falls on the same day as the first day of spring for the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of autumn for the Southern Hemisphere.

So how is everyone feeling right now? If you are like myself and a handful of other people I've spoken to, you too are feeling the combined energy of the Super Moon and the Spring Equinox.

Many say that the full moon has no affect on people and their behaviours and emotions. I'd like to disagree. If the moon's gravitational pull is so strong that it can affect the tides in our oceans, then one would think that this energy is strong enough to affect the human body, which is made up of 75% water. And because emotions are tied to the element of water, I'm going to guess that the full moon can wreak havoc on our emotions BIG TIME. I think my husband will agree with me! But that's just my opinion.

Therefore, during the full moon, I often find myself very emotional and full of dissonance. It's like all those emotions that I've attempted to hide and sweep under the carpet, (what I like to call my shadow side), illuminate and come to the surface. Now add a Super Moon to the picture. This means your shadow side will be illuminated even brighter!

A full moon is a good time to release what no longer serves you. This can include things such as: emotions, thought patterns, people, things, places, habits, jobs, behaviours etc.

After the full moon illuminates the things you've kept hidden deep inside you, it brings them to the surface so you can recognize, identify, and deal with them. After this process occurs, you can release the things that no longer serve you and replace them with the things you want in your life.

The energy of the Spring Equinox and the first day of spring is much different than the full moon energy. First off, the equinox itself represents a day where there's equality of day and night. And if this past two days are any indication, I feel this symbolizes the opportunity for us to balance our shadow side with our light side.

The Super Moon may have blindsided you with a whole bunch of unresolved emotions. It may have caused you to feel off balance and moody. But, if you were able to take some time to reflect on and address the issues that were presented in front of you, you may have released this overwhelming energy, allowing the light to shine within you again, in a much quicker time frame. This may have brought harmony and balance back to your mind, body and spirit.

And this is crucial, because when your balance is restored, you can plant and nurture seeds for the things you want to grow in your life, by using the "New Beginning" energy that the first day of spring brings. An energy that also surrounds us during the time of the new moon.

So hang in there! You may feel like you're on a rollercoaster, but after everything settles, you'll see how the illumination of your shadow side is a good thing. It happens so we can renew our energy and shine from the inside out.

Shannon Wilson Phillips BSW

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