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CARD READING: Breathe, Change, Expansion, Love

March 30-April 5, 2020: ✨Weekly Energy Report✨

I have more decks of Oracle cards than some women have pairs of shoes... So I love when the cards connect together to send a beautiful message to those who seek their wisdom.

These are the four cards that came through today:

1. Take A Breather from “The Answer Is Simple” Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette.

2 & 3. Change and Expansion from the “Magickal Herb Oracle Deck” by Cheralyn Darcy

4. I Choose Love No Matter What from “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabrielle Bernstein


After I am grounded, I put forth the intention that I’d like to do a Card Reading for myself and those who will resonate with the messages. I then go to my bookshelf and choose the card decks I feel drawn to. Next I shuffle each individual deck until my intuition tells me when to stop shuffling, and I choose my card.

Next, I look at the cards, taking in the colors, photos and words, until my intuition is able to hear, see, feel and know what the messages are. And then I write the message. I used to consult the oracle card guide books to read the meanings that come with the cards but I’ve learned to trust my intuition so I can understand and communicate the messages myself.

These are the messages the cards bring you for the week of,

Monday March 30th, until Sunday April 5, 2020:


Often when change is upon us and our world turns upside down, we start to panic; clawing to take back control. As our head spins, time speeds up, while our mind tries to process everything all at once.

What if! What about? What will happen when? What do I do now? So many questions, so little answers...

Now is the time to slow down and “Take A Breather"

Did you know that when our mind is still, we can actually hear what our next steps are? These answers don’t come from anybody else, these answers come from your mind, body and soul. And this is exactly who you should be listening to. So slow down and you’ll know what steps to take next.

Change is upon us. We are being asked to live our lives differently than we have been doing in the past. Change is hard, it takes #courage, it demands #introspection, #faith, #hope, #determination, #community, #nurturance, and #TRUST!

The Elder Berry sends you some inspiration. In order to grow the fruit, you need the right conditions that’ll nurture the growth of the seed. Parts of this process can be controlled but other parts can't be. This is a metaphor for the change that is upon you. Finding the nurturing environment and conditions you need for optimal growth is the challenge at hand.

This may mean you have to let go of the things, people, places, ideas, behaviours, habits and mind sets that are no longer contributing to your growth. This is a process... a healing process and it takes time. Remember an elderberry doesn’t become a berry overnight.

Be patient with yourself.

Having said that, also know that you may be thrown curve balls, just like Mother Nature’s weather. One day may be sunny, the next day it could be raining and if you live where I do, it may even snow in the middle of summer.

Use this as a metaphor for your changing moods. It’s crucial you allow yourself to sit with and feel your emotions. When you feel a storm cloud over your head, sit with your stormy mood and allow yourself to be in the moment and feel. When it’s ready to pass, may the sun shine again and bring with it a brighter, sunnier disposition.

Remember the stronger your roots are, the more hearty you will be and the better you’ll fair with the changing conditions.

The Ephedra herb reminds us that when we have the right growing conditions, our change can create #EXPANSION within ourselves and within others. For example, when the changes you make fill you full of love, courage, positivity, inspiration and creativity, know that you’ll begin to shine from the inside out and your light will reach others... Others will benefit from your light and begin to grow, change and expand themselves. It’s the #RippleEffect!

During this process you will be tested... So, you are being reminded to go through this time of change and expansion with the following mantra:

“I Choose Love No Matter What” Gabrielle Bernstein.

LOVE WILL ALWAYS WIN over fear, hate and conflict. Stay strong and remember to Breathe. Remember to connect with your heart centre and show up everyday from a place of love.

May this message bring you #hope, #inspiration, #motivation and #love.


Shannon Wilson Phillips BSW Healing With Harmony @

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